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How to Install Tie Fighter Total Conversion



Ever since AngelTFTC created the mod for Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Upgrade, fans of the series have been wondering how to install Tie Fighter: Total Conversion to the game. It’s not a patch you can play on its own, and you’ll need to have several things in place before you can play the remodeled TFTC game from 1994. 

In this short guide, we’ll show you which steps to follow.

  1. Install STAR WARS – X-Wing Alliance

    How to Install Tie Fighter Total Conversion step

    Before you can gain access to TFTC, you’ll need to install the base game. Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance serves as the base for all the missions, weapons, and fleet around which the other patches revolve. Once you have a copy of the title, simply complete the installation wizard and take note of the location where the folder is saved.

  2. Install X-Wing Alliance Upgrade

    How to Install Tie Fighter Total Conversion step

    Next up, you’ll need the Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Upgrade utility patch. What this upgrade does is upgrade the graphics and gameplay to a more modern appearance. However, there are some precautions you should take before installing this patch so that it doesn’t mess with the original files.

    First, make a copy of the Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance game folder you installed in the previous step. Don’t place it in a Windows or Program Files folder, as it may mess with the patch. Once you have a location, install the upgrade patch to the new folder you copied.

    You’ll need to start the game from the new location if you want to test if the upgrade patch worked.

  3. Install Tie Fighter: Total Conversion

    How to Install Tie Fighter Total Conversion step

    Finally, it’s time to install the Tie Fighter: Total Conversion patch. You should download both the base file and any updates that follow after that. You’ll need to begin by installing the main patch first and selecting all the options that apply.

    When you work through the installation wizard, ensure that you select the folder you copied with the upgraded graphics and gameplay. Once completed, you’ll also need to install any of the latest patches; otherwise, the game will pick up errors when you try to run it. As soon as you see the installation is complete, you’ll have TFTC added to Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Upgrade.

  4. Activate the new mod

    How to Install Tie Fighter Total Conversion step

    While you may have Tie Fighter: Total Conversion installed now, there are still a few things you need to do before you can play it. When you start Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Upgrade, you need to select ‘Palpatine Total Converter’, which will let you access the new mod. You’ll notice that you can switch to the dark side by activating any new mods you may have.

    You have the choice between the classic and reimagined versions. Once saved, you can close the program and run the executable file again. The main menu will now look like TFTC instead of the original game. You can now play the new mod with advanced settings.

    If you want to change between the classic and reimagined versions, you can head back to the Palpatine Total Converter. In the same way, you can select “Restore to the Light Side” if you want to play the original Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance.

Welcome to the dark side

As you can see, installing Tie Fighter: Total Conversion can be lengthy if you don’t have any of the prerequisite games or patches. Still, it’s worth going through all the trouble to play the original missions from 1994 and get some of that nostalgia rumbling through your tummy. 

Remember to follow each of these steps correctly, or you’ll run into errors. If you make a mistake, delete the copy folder you created and start again.

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